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The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Network (ADARRN) is the network of Aboriginal residential rehabilitation services in NSW and includes: Ngaimpe Aboriginal Corporation (The Glen); Orana Haven Aboriginal Corporation (Orana Haven); The Oolong Aboriginal Corporation (Oolong House); Weigelli Centre Aboriginal Corporation (Weigelli); and Wellington Aboriginal Corporation Health Service (Maayu Mali).

The ADARRN Group was established in 2019 by a group of like-minded Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations who run Residential Rehabilitation Centres. ADARRN will be looking to position itself as the Peak Body for Aboriginal Community Controlled Drug and Alcohol.

ADARRN membership is made up of Aboriginal Community Controlled organisations that provide residential rehabilitation programs.

New South Wales Locations - Lives Lived Well

Find the location and contact details for our New South Wales services across all regions. Find the service closest to you or contact us on 1300 596 366.

Triple Care Farm Residential Rehabilitation (

Triple Care Farm is a residential rehabilitation and treatment program to help young people aged 16-24 to manage their withdrawal and recovery from alcohol and other drug use. The counselling and case management team provides assessment, treatment and intervention including individual and group counselling, family counselling and support, and assessment and treatment planning. Case management, including liaising with referral agencies, is provided to young people while they are in residence, helping them to identify and address their whole-of-life issues. A 6-month period of aftercare helps young people to sustain change upon return to their community.

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation | healthdirect

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation helps people reduce or stop their use of drugs and alcohol. Learn more about rehab services and where to go for help.

Alcohol and Other Drugs Knowledge Centre

Providing the evidence base to reduce harmful AOD use in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

Access to culturally safe resources to use amongst your work.

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